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Consulting and Professional ServicesSave time and increase operational efficiency with its suite of advanced technology solutions.

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Consulting & Professional Services


Today’s challenge for consulting and professional services organizations face a fundamental challenge for many businesses: Time is money. Clients expect access to their consultants around the clock, so these firms need to deploy advanced technologies to help them effectively collaborate, and essentially provide that superior level of customer service their clients expect.

These organizations are challenged with ensuring the highest level of security for their systems, without making the systems too hard to access for their employees and/or clients. In addition, these IT directors face the challenge of deploying secure mobility solutions to address the increasing demand of for bringing-your-own-devices into play.


AltNexus suite of collaboration solutions enable consultancy firms to communicate more easily with web, voice, and video conferencing capabilities. When consultants spend less time managing phone calls, email, and other communications, they can spend more time providing solutions to clients. This provides a foundation that offers opportunities for growth through increased client satisfaction, reduced operational costs, and improved billing accuracy.

In addition, to significantly improve data protection and business agility, AltNexus leverages its core knowledge of the network along with its advanced data center expertise, to determine the most effective security, backup and recovery solutions for your organization. 


AltNexus can help your organization save time and increase operational efficiency with its suite of advanced technology solutions.

  • Unified Communications – Telepresence Video & voice
  • Security – 
  • Redundant & HA data centers with disaster recovery 
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Storage
  • Data Center/Cloud


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