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Manufacturing technology today is taking on whole new meaning. We are creating solutions for logistics, productivity and time to market, at the same time with the proliferation of big data, we are solving for questions that haven’t even been asked yet.

AltNexus continued investments in the areas of IoT, Cyber Security and Cloud solutions have afforded our manufacturing clients the ability to leverage Information Technology to achieve their objectives.  Not only can our solutions optimize their operation and meet their security needs, but they can also find areas to positively impact their revenue and profit objectives.

Our clients have experienced:

  • New Services Revenue Opportunity
  • Reduced time to market
  • Operational efficiency
  • Data capture and analytics for future business impact
  • Secure environment
  • Better compliance to meet industry and regulatory demands


Manufacturing organizations are faced with balancing shrinking time-to-market, reducing costs and maintaining regulatory compliance requirements. Of course, all of this must be accomplished with the highest levels of cyber security and compliance. Manufacturing companies are looking to achieve all of this without sacrificing quality, which is driving the need for accurate, real-time data.

Competition is driving innovation and new ideas must be tested and delivered faster than ever before. There is a strong need to collect data for future analysis and innovation, and big data and analytics is at the heart of innovation for our manufacturing clients.


The solutions for manufacturing include components of Software Defined Networking, Mutli-Cloud, Mobility, IoT, Big Data, Analytics and Cyber Security.  Our expertise enables us to create the right mix of solutions from manufacturing floor sensors and inputs to the data center and executive dashboard.

We strive to help our manufacturing clients to find new ways to encourage greater efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction from individuals working in the production line. 

Our comprehensive portfolio includes technology solutions that:

  • Address lifecycle management issues
  • Solve for distance and logistics challenges
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Increase production efficiency and flexibility


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