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Media and EntertainmentBy combining AltNexus’ expertise in networks and digital transformation, media and entertainment customers can focus on their business.

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Media & Entertainment


AltNexus identifies, manages, and delivers customized innovative solutions with a consultative approach and deep understanding of the entire workflow.  We work with partners and customers alike, developing specific strategies to help the industry manage the impact and utilize the value of emerging technologies. AltNexus will design customized solutions that are highly scalable, and which plan for your growth and business goals.

The AltNexus portfolio of solutions leverages next generation technologies and ensures they work alongside your legacy infrastructure, whether through virtualization or managing the Multi-Cloud.  We ensure media and entertainment organizations quickly adapt to changes, reduce costs, are secure, and optimize investments to increase the success of your business.


Media and entertainment organizations are seeking to increase the value of their media assets by merging creativity with technological breakthroughs. These firms seek to reduce the cost and risk of managing network services delivery, while maintaining the delivery of rich content to various devices.  Beyond content is communication and digital transformation, all which challenge the industry to adapt as IP becomes more pervasive.

Key to innovation and adaptation, AltNexus will help you to overcome:

  • Mobile, faster and newer digital media workflows
  • Customer consumption models
  • Security concerns with the new forms of consumption
  • A growing competitive landscape
  • Analytics to make educated decisions to drive your business forward


Utilizing AltNexus’ core strength in network expertise, our entertainment and broadcast technology solutions allow service providers to maintain sustainable growth and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  AltNexus will provide infrastructure services that can support digitalization of content, and the mobility that users demand.

Our Digital Infrastructure solutions help make existing infrastructure more efficient, while equipping our clients for a cloud-flexible, mobile-ready, highly secured, insight-driven future. Given the millions of potential configurations across these technologies, our clients rely on our expertise to simplify a highly complex landscape, helping to identify and deploy the solutions most appropriate for their business needs.

We offer professional, managed and support services including strategy, consulting, design, and implementation for:

  • Software Defined Networking
  • Multi-Cloud
  • Collaboration
  • Application and Desktop Virtualization
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Internet of Things
  • Data Analytics


By partnering with AltNexus as you begin your digital journey, you will be leveraging a team of acknowledged Industry experts who are committed to your success.  We help our clients transform by enabling them to expand from the Internet of People to the Internet of Things. By moving from traditional human-to-computer to machine-to-machine communication, and tapping connectivity to non-IT assets, our clients can acquire new data to inform their next generation of business intelligence and decision making.


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